Puppy Temperament, Choice & VIP Shipping Information


This combination is the BEST for temperament, my #1 focus in breeding.
My pups are devoted First to their owners.
They are very loving and calm with endless desire.
My Vet and the Vet who does the CERF (U Of M) always comment:
"Are you sure these are Labs? :) Usually they are bouncing off the walls. Yours have such a great wonderful dispositions!"

I only have one or two litters a year, so they are very well socialized!
They are around people, kids, and my other dogs & cats.
We take them for outings/adventures on our 3 acers of land (I am like the Pied Piper). We have a very large fenced and 1/2 wooded dog yard with indoor kennel.

I feed them only 2 pups per dish so they don't have to compete for their food. Their confidence is high and they feel secure in themselves.

Until they are about 6+ weeks old, it is too soon to know who will go to whom. They are growing, learning and changing daily, like children. Like children, they can have their off days. I know the whole picture. I am with these pups for hours each day - I know their personalities very well. I place the right pup with the right families according to the needs of both. If there are more than one pup that I feel will be appropriate I will send pictures and have you help in the choice.

I send weekly updates and many pictures to those with deposits.

I have shipped many pups.
I only ship VIP through Northwest Airlines.
The pups are The Last on the plane & The First off he plane.
You usually pick them up at a separate place - they don't go to luggage or cargo pick up.

I have people order a crate, pad, travel kit, toy and small adjustable collar and have it sent to me ahead of time. I have the crates available for the pups to sleep in (I take the doors off). Your pup ships to you in that crate with all those things you sent. This way all the good smells of Mom and siblings makes the transition easy. (PETsMART is very good for on line ordering and often free shipping) The pups are awake all the way to the airport (an hour) and played with by staff before and after flying. I do believe they sleep most of the trip, with the hum of the plane. Remember pups sleep a lot of the day at 8 weeks old, they play hard and sleep hard. They have always done Very Well.

You would order the crate, travel kit & collar and have them shipped to me:
Nancy Meyer
9725 283rd Lane NE
North Branch, MN

The pup would then be shipped to you in that crate, with the collar on & with the travel kit. Pup $800
Crate (I suggest the intermediate from PetsMart)

Approximate costs for shipping are:
Shipping fees average $220 -260 + tax, depending on destination and size of crate.
Northwest needs 24 hour notice of travel.
Vet Exam & Health Certificate (required) $50 (this has to be done within 10 days of travel).
Transport Fee $ 40

I have to put the shipping charge on my credit card. I require the lower estimate of costs at least a week before shipping. I send all copies of costs to owners for final adjustments.

We have occasionally delivered pups 1/2 way or door to door. We charge current government mileage allotment, gas & lodging (if necessary) costs.

Let me know if you are interested in either of these options at the time of deposit.

Please feel free to call me at 651-674-6104 or email me DreamMeyer@msn.com with any further questions.

Nancy Meyer

Elwood-Kitty Pup