Gracie/Ryder Litter
March 15th 2007
Mom & Pups

All the puppies are now sold. The last was #10.
He is four months old and a honey, very sweet.
I've been calling him Ben or Glen or Sven or all three....
He has had 3 puppy shots at 6 , 10 & 14 weeks old.
Next due at 6 months old along with rabies shot.
He has had his first Lyme shot > Booster due asap when you bring him to your Vet.
Biospot for fleas & Ticks - monthly > due the 1st of August
Heartworm med - monthly > due the 1st of August
He knows "Here" (with a toot toot toot of a whistle also)
I have worked on "Sit" (I hold my hand in a fist, fingers down, by my navel when I say sit)
I have worked on "heel" walking on my left side using a prong collar and leash.
He is doing very well with these.
He travels in the car well, in a crate.
He sleeps outside on my deck in an "Igloo" with Stella.
I always have them go "potty" before coming in the house to play.
He will go off to the woods or side of the property to poop.
I feed him 1 & 1/2 cups high performance puppy chow (corn meal & chicken base) twice a day.
Avoid rice in his food > Gracie has a sensitivity to it and gets sores in her ears and very gooey ears when she has any rice in her food.....
I don't know if he will react the same.

Here are some pictures taken in the last few days....
The one of the pups running to me when I called here is at the same park with the water....
So Cute > although I can't tell who is who.

Two Males Still Available
15 weeks old as of 6/28/07

Puppies #5 & # 10 are still available. I have reduced the price from the original $1,800. These two equally impressive males are now available for $1,000 with full AKC registration or $800 with limited AKC registration.

# 10 heard Duane telling the big dogs to be quiet and thought he was in trouble..
He is usually the more active and independent of the two males.

9 Week Update
I took all the pups and Gracie to a friends house they have never been to. The adventure included kids age 5 & 6, horses, and a French Bull Mastiff who graciously shared all her toys, bones, and rawhide. Gracie ate the bone, 10 & 11 had a ball playing with the tape used as corral fencing, Stella had the huge rawhide. Then out of the blue 4 stole the rawhide went parading > then running around the yard with it. His hair was up and he knew he had the prize. Well 5 and Stella joined the chase and resorted to begging and barking at him to no avail....
At 9 weeks
I have these 4 boys available: #'s 4 -5 - 10 & 11. 4 and 11 are the larger boys 4 is the lightest in color
5, 10 & 11 are darker chocolate, 10 is most independent
11 is the most "homey". He "checks in" for some lovin' most often. I would like to see 4 & 5 go to hunters.
They will all be wonderful, well rounded, confident, family dogs.
At 7 weeks

The pups are 7 weeks old and one male has gone to Kansas, Duane met the new owners 1/2 way in Des Moines, IA. I always like to try to get a good group shot. The first day the lighting was not good, too many shadows. We tried it again the next morning and I got my new "Chest O' Chocolates" picture.

At 5 weeks
Now that the weather is finally normal > in the 60's & 70's we brought the whelping pen out on the deck in the Big Dog Yard. It only took 24 hours for them to get the idea to pile into the two kennels, in the pen, to sleep at night. These are the kennels I will use to ship the pups. During the day they play on the deck and mingle with the big dogs.

The pups are 5 weeks old and we go for many adventures out into the large wooded, fenced dog yard, and many walks out on the rest of our 2 acres. I also have a double pen set up in our backyard as a playpen for them, away from the big dogs. I have males available. Here are some pictures of the boys.

At 3 weeks
Gracie is all that I (DreamMeyer Labradors) have strived for all these years...
" I Love You Gracie" ~ way more than I ever thought possible ~ Nancy Meyer ~

At 3 weeks old they are very active as you can see by the pictures and the video.
The 1/2 partition we kept on the whelping pen was not adequate to keep them from escaping.
We had to put the full door in and Gracie would just leap over it to get in and feed them.

Then they all piled together to sleep.

Watch the Movie!

At 3 days

The pups are 3 days old, all healthy, strong and gaining weight.
The dew claws will be removed tomorrow.
Here are the Girls and the Boys.

There are 7 boys and 4 girls.
The boys are numbers green 4, 10, 6 and blue 7, 1, 11, 5

Girls are numbers 9, 3, 2, and 8

I had the pups in a basket just outside the whelping pen so Gracie could move freely during birthing.
After # 7 she was still So Big and very tired...

Birth Continued
Here are some pictures of the birth of #7 pup.
Gracie got better leverage when she stood to push.
Messy business > giving birth.

Birth of a Litter
Gracie is Amazing!
She had 11 puppies in 5 and 1/2 hours, 4 Girls / 7 Boys.
I would straighten and refresh the papers every other pup or so.
When Gracie got frustrated with the pain of labor and pushing she would absolutely shred the papers.
I would Not want to be those papers....

I highly recommend these three books to everyone who buys my pups, or loves labs.
1) "Just Labs" by Steve Smith & Dale C. Spartas
2) "101 uses for a lab" by Dale C.Spartas
3)"Retriever Puppy Training : The Right Start for Hunting"
by Clarice Rutherford and Cherylon Loveland

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