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I think my dog Lyndon is perfect. His sire was another
dog (Assistant Coach) from the same kennel as Elwood because Elwood was traveling that year. He is small @ 65 lbs (although one of his brothers is near 90 lbs). He has the thick, dark, shiny coat that all of Nancy's pups have.
Lyndon is extremely devoted to me and my family. My daughter is 11,
but we have had babies and toddlers over and he is very gentle with them.
He does not go out of his way to make friends with other people at all,
being so focused on us. He is calm and quiet, and rarely barks. He is
extremely trainable, without a stubborn or pouty bone in him.
I found an amateur retrieving club in my area, and I put Lyndon
in training for two months (he was already 17 months old) with professionals for "force-fetch" and collar conditioning.
Now I go out to their kennel and work with them every weekend
and day off, and they have continued to advance me and Lyndon. He earned his Junior Hunter title,
and we will run Senior Hunt Tests this spring. My goal is to earn his Master Hunter,and go to the
Master National in 2003.
My trainers have trained trial dogs for years, and now mostly work with hunting dogs.
They think he is the Best Chocolate they have seen in our area, and have already recommended him for breeding!
He has incredible drive, and great trainability. He loves the water, and the cold. He sleeps outside in his
run, and stays there when we are at work, other than that he is by my side.He is much admired in our neighborhood because of his excellent obedience.
I highly recommend one of Kitty's pups.

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